Join The New Volunteers in making your community a better place.

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Since 2020, 42,000 DoSomething Members like YOU have volunteered 94,000 hours of service.

Help us get to 100,000!

Meet The New Volunteers.

Nearly 80% of young people see the positive effect of youth-led service, but say they just need some help in getting started.

Introducing "The New Volunteers," a new docuseries by Roadtrip Nation (made possible by The Allstate Foundation)! Follow host Anatola Araba – artist, futurist and filmmaker – as she travels the country meeting young people who are changing the world in their own, unique ways.

Join The New Volunteers in improving your community.

Complete a DoSomething Strength Through Service action inspired by the changemakers in each episode, or “choose your own adventure” to dream up a service opportunity that aligns with your passion.


Episode One | Can community murals create real social change?

Brooklyn, NY

We volunteered to paint a HUGE mural in Brooklyn! Come see how colorful community service can be as host Anatola paints a mural with the volunteers at Groundswell Community Mural Project in Brooklyn—and talks to Freedom March NYC co-founder Chelsea Miller about how changing the world starts by showing up to serve your community.


For each action you complete, you’ll earn a signed certificate to fulfill volunteer or service learning requirements and we’ll select a “New Volunteer of the Month” to feature on DoSomething channels.


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It was amazing to see how my own actions could make such an impact, especially as they benefited an organization I was already passionate about.”

Jenna T. | Tackle Hunger

🥫 Food Items Donated: 2,260

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My best friend and I found collecting cigarette [butts] to be crucial towards maintaining a clean and safe environment for others to enjoy and for wildlife as well!”

Tracy C. | GTFO (Get The Filter Out)

🚭 Cigarette Butts Collected: 5,730

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This campaign is very important to me since I am an animal mother and lover! I love to help the animals in need, and this was a great opportunity to help them!”

Ashley | Scrub-A-Dub-Dog

🐾 Pet Supplies Donated: 57

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[I painted] my school parking spot [to] help raise money for my school. I love expressing my feelings through art.”

Macy M. | The Art of Community

🎈 Community Members Participated: 100+



Since 2020, DoSomething members have made a collective impact through our Strength Through Service program including:

  • Donated 610,000 pieces of clothing, dressing 305,000 of those in vulnerable populations.

  • Cleaned up 981,290 cigarette butts off the streets, removing over 432 pounds of toxic chemicals that contaminate water, and poison fish and animals who eat them accidentally.

  • Collected and recycled 758,260 cans, saving 95% of the energy, and reducing 80% of greenhouse gas emissions it takes to make new ones.

  • Kept 154,500 pounds of textile out of landfills.

  • Donated 658,100 food items to local food banks, providing at least one meal to 263,200 of those in need.

  • Recruited family and friends to volunteer over 183 hours of their time to local soup kitchens and food banks.

  • Collected and donated over 678,530 period products to homeless shelters, providing 96,933 people who menstruate one week of period products.

  • Donated 4,343 books, providing the gift of literacy to 217 children and young adults.


Make a difference in your community and add your vision to the future of our democracy