Meet the Teens Running the Largest Denim Drive for Youth in Homeless Shelters

Over 5 million pairs and counting.

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Almost 40% of people experiencing homelessness in the United States are under 18. One item they commonly request in homeless shelters is a pair of jeans. Why? Jeans are comfortable in any season and can be worn multiple times between washes. Plus, for a teenager without many belongings, wearing a pair of jeans can provide a sense of normalcy.

Over the last several years, through DoSomething’s Teens for Jeans campaign, powered by Aéropostale, young people have collected over 5 million pairs of jeans for homeless shelters around the country. This year, DoSomething members are back at, clearing out their own closets and running schoolwide denim drives to benefit local shelters. Meet a few of these DoSomething members, and learn how you can get involved in the world’s largest denim drive. Let’s Do This.

1. Angel, 19

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2. Claudia, 17

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“This campaign really opened my eyes to realize that there are lives that are far more different from my own....I hope whoever receives the jeans knows that the people that donated really care for their well being and are thankful that they could be a part of the cause!”

3. Nataly, 13

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4. Tyler, 17

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“Realizing that most of the people that are homeless are around my age, it inspired me, with the help of my sister, to give jeans back to the community.”
Teens for Jeans

Donate gently-used jeans for youth in homeless shelters.

5. Dalton, 18

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“This campaign means a lot to me because when growing up it wasn't easy, but once my family and I got out of the hole, I just always loved helping people out...One of my goals is to make a positive effect on the world.”

6. Xiomara, 17

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7. Rachel, 18

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“Everyday we don't realize how lucky we are to be able to wear a new, clean set of clothes when we get out of bed. We don't even realize how many pieces of clothing go to waste away in the back of our closets either. After asking everyone I know to help me donate jeans to help homeless teenagers, I discovered how they also started to notice the little things we can do to make the world a better place. Through this campaign, I finally felt like I did something good.”

8. Senta, 17

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“As someone who has experienced poverty and home instability, it is important for me to help now that I am able to. This opportunity is very close to my heart because it is a chance to get the whole community involved with a serious cause. So far, we have donated 186 pairs of jeans, and we are still counting!”

9. Miles, 17

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10. Elijah

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11. Rachel, 20

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“Jeans are something we let lie around all the time. Whether they’re the ones we never wore (and will never) that mom bought us 2 years ago for Christmas or the ones we SWEAR we’ll fit again one day...why not help those in need?”

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