The 7 Red Flags of Driving

Our list of red flags to avoid while on the road.

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Most of us have seen Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show with James Corden and know how fun it can be to drive around with our friends and family! Despite how fun this car ride looks, what can also happen during a drive like this is distracted driving. While it turns out that James is not always actually driving, we can see how easy it is to become distracted behind the wheel.

Distracted driving is not safe driving! Anything from eating food and drinking to looking at passengers or other drivers can be distracting. Taking your eyes off the road for even two seconds doubles the risk of a crash or close call! By avoiding distracted driving and building towards a #ZeroCrashFuture together, we can reduce crashes, injuries, and deaths, keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. Check out this list of red flags to avoid while on the road!

1. No Hands on the Wheel 🚩

There’s nothing better than listening to a great song while driving, but some songs might not be the best choice if you’re unable to focus and keep your hands on the wheel. We love a good vibe for the drive, but a song that’s too upbeat or makes you want to dance is distracting and unsafe. If you find yourself dancing and taking your hands off the wheel, maybe consider skipping to the next song. Or, before you even get in the car, check out the DoSomething Zen Spotify Playlist for some chill song options instead!

2. No Eyes on the Road 🚩

Have you ever been so caught up in a conversation that you or a loved one have taken your eyes off the road? That’s a huge red flag. We love catching up with friends in the car and having great conversations, but let’s make sure we are keeping our eyes on the road! Being focused while driving is crucial to reducing distracted driving and keeping yourself and others safe.

3. Using Your Phone While Driving 🚩

One of the biggest distractions when we’re behind the wheel is probably our cell phone, right? Grabbing your phone to read a new text or answer a phone call might be tempting. But with new technology like hands-free calling and touch-free navigation, there are plenty of ways for us to minimize distractions coming from our devices! Check out Step 2 of our #ZeroCrashFuture program to create a slipcover for your phone to “sleep in”. Before making a phone call next time, check to see if you have the gadgets or technology to do so hands-free! If not, it’s best to wait until you arrive at your destination.

4. Chatting With Other Drivers While Driving 🚩

If there’s another thing we should not do while driving it’s yelling out of the window to talk to other drivers. Unfortunately, that’s a big no for us. If you see someone you know in another car while on the road, it’s best to catch up another time. By taking your eyes off of the road, you’re putting yourself and others in danger! Better safe than sorry!


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5. Getting Ready in the Car 🚩

If you’ve ever driven during the morning rush hour, you might have witnessed people getting ready in the car. It might range from people fixing their hair to applying makeup and everything in between. This kind of distraction can result in crashes and makes the road unsafe for everyone. We love a ‘get ready with me’ vlog, but not when you’re driving! Take it from us: it’s better to be fashionably late than to engage in unsafe driving!

6. Driving While Overly Emotional 🚩

It’s okay to not be okay. If you’re having a bad day or you’re feeling stressed or angry, pull over where and when it’s safe to do so. Driving while emotional can take our focus off of the road, resulting in unsafe driving. We all have bad days, so when we find ourselves having one, the best thing to do is to stop driving until we’re feeling better. Let’s practice safe driving to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe on the road.

7. Eating & Driving 🚩

Now there’s nothing wrong with stopping by a drive-thru to grab something to eat or drink, but eating while on the road can actually be a distraction! Trying not to spill food and drinks all over yourself and the car is a challenge that can make you take your eyes off the road. If you’re taking your eyes off the road, you’re engaging in distracted driving. Staying in the drive-thru parking lot to enjoy your food will allow you to enjoy your meal and will also keep you from being distracted behind the wheel.

We hope that we were able to drive home how important it is to reduce distracted driving. It’s not too late for you to change your habits! Let’s work together to envision and build towards a #ZeroCrashFuture!


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