25 Unique Volunteering Ideas for Every Schedule

Make an impact whether you’ve got a few minutes or a few days.

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When it comes to volunteering, sometimes the desire to do something is there, but it’s hard to figure out just what to do and when to find the time for it. Here’s the good news: the fact that you even want to take action is the most important part -- the rest can follow.

If you’re looking for those next steps, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a collection of unique volunteering ideas that you can get done in anywhere from five minutes to a week. Plus, you’ll find next steps for each one to make volunteering as accessible as possible. So get inspired, carve out some time in your calendar, and make an impact.

5 Minutes to Volunteer

30 Minutes to Volunteer

1 Hour to Volunteer

1 Day to Volunteer

1 Week to Volunteer

Volunteering Opportunities

Find more ways to volunteer both online and off.


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